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Balikbayan Box Tracking Shipments Collected Between March 1, 2021-March 17, 2021

Shipments collected between March 1, 2021-March 17, 2021

Balikbayan Box Tracking Shipment Status

17/03/2021 Shipment Collected

18/03/2021 Consolidation at UK Storage Hub

30/03/2021 Departure at UK Seaport Handling Facility

30/03/2021-30/04/2021 Shipment En-Route

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30/04/2021 (Estimate) Arrival at Philippine Seaport Handling Facility

05/05/2021 (Estimate) Deconsolidation at 12:24 Cargo Express Distribution Centre

06/05/2021 -06/06/2021(Estimate) In Transit for Door-to-Door Delivery

06/06/2021 (Estimate) Shipment Delivered

*estimated schedule, which is subject to change

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