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May 22, 2022


1) Balikbayan box is a privilege granted to Filipinos living abroad under the Philippine Bureau of Customs rule. Therefore, we cannot carry goods for commercial or business purposes. The company will not be held liable for loss or damages to shipments of goods limited under Balikbayan box privilege or any other items prohibited by the laws of both countries the United Kingdom and Philippines.

2) The company will not be held liable for any damage incurred to items sent knowingly or unknowingly. Electrical goods, appliances, breakable items and liquids are sent at sender’s own risk.

3) The company will not be held liable for undeclared, restricted, illegal, banned or prohibited items, including but not limited to the following: antiques, jewelleries, currency, precious metals/stones, firearms and ammunition, weapons, explosives, illegal drugs, gas, combustible materials, pornographic materials and motor vehicle parts.

4) The company will not be held liable for events outside our control or “act of God”, force majeure occurrence including but not limited to industrial disputes, weather conditions, acts of terrorism, war, acts and omissions of government or customs officials authority.

5) Any item remain unpaid for 60 days or more is deemed abandoned and will be disposed accordingly to cover our cost.

6) All items are subject to customs inspection upon arrival at the port of destination. In some instances custom authorities may require additional documentation, it will be your responsibility to provide such documentation. We therefore, assume no responsibility for any loss or expense in regard to and failure on your part in respect of non-compliance with such laws and regulations.

7) The Company’s Export Declaration and Packing list form is non-negotiable. The shipper acknowledges that it has been prepared by the company on their behalf.

8) The liability of the Company in case of Total Loss is limited to £30 for a bulilit box; £50 for a regular box; 100 for family and large box; and £125 for jumbo box or the actual amount of loss whichever is lower. Antiques and Jewelleries are sent at sender’s own risk.

9) Any claims must be made in writing by the Shipper within 30 days of acceptance or delivery otherwise no claim will be entertained.

10) Any disputes shall be governed by English law.

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